About the Process


White Lotus Design offers the following services:

• User Experience Research & Strategy
• Custom Application/Interface Design
• Usability Testing
• Website Design
• Branding

About the Process


White Lotus Design takes an user-centered design approach; a project strategy driven by users' point of view. This requires an understanding of the behaviors, needs, goals, and motivations of your users.

When it comes to an implementation strategy, we find that there is no one cookie-cutter approach. Projects are not created equal, therefore each project is tailored for your particular needs.

Traditional workflow commonly follows these steps:
• Discover
• Structure
• Design
• Develop
• Deliver

Deliverables may include:
• Usability Review
• User Personas and Scenarios
• User Stories and Tasks Flows
• Site Maps and Wireframes
• Visual Design
• Technical Implementation

About Kara

Who We Are.

White Lotus Design was founded by Kara Chanasyk in Portland Oregon in 2001. At that time, the dotcom bubble was a not-too-distant memory.

10 years and a multitude of projects later, Kara resides in San Francisco and continues to lead a team of designers and developers in the creation of smart, clean interfaces that help people live better.

In 2010, Kara co-founded Empower Interactive, a company dedicated to creating web and mobile interactive tools for treating stress, anxiety and depression, issues that plague millions of Americans and people around the world.